Devices shall not send NTBs larger than the host has requested. A bit value of zero indicates that the capability is not supported. The GUID identifies the format and contents of the command set. The upper limit is usually determined by the buffering capacity of the attached function, but there may be other factors involved as well, such as latency. It is an error for a transmitter to format an NDP without a terminating Null entry. The second alternate setting alternate setting 1 is used for normal operation, and shall include one bulk IN endpoint and one bulk OUT endpoint.

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The Driver Customization Kit enables licensee to customize the driver by themselves. If the ConnectionSpeedChange follows a NetworkConnection notification, then the host driver cannot signal network connection with the correct speed until the ConnectionSpeedChange is received.

The host shall set wLength to 2. The sequence number is primarily supplied for debugging purposes. A bit value csc zero indicates that the capability is not supported. These Ethernet frames may convey IPv4 or IPv6 datagrams that are transported over a communications network. Whenever alternate setting 0 is selected by the host, the function shall: Retrieves Ethernet statistics such as frames transmitted, frames received, and bad frames received.

The function shall never return more than 1Ch bytes in response to this command.

dcc The class-specific descriptors must be followed by an Interrupt IN endpoint descriptor. Byte index, in little endian, of the second datagram described by this NDP The function shall return h if CRCs are being appended to datagrams.


If not set, broadcast, directed and multicast packets are always passed to the host.

Latest version of these drivers is 2. Supported Platforms X86 32 bit X64 64 bit. NCM functions may provide special pattern filtering hardware that enables the function to wake nccm the attached host on demand when something is attempting to contact the host e.

If a CRC is appended, ndm the header and payload combined are less than the minimum specified in Data structure in an NDP, giving the offset and the length of a single datagram.

CDC-NCM Miniport driver media disconnected

This is transmitted in littleendian form, i. Finally, the NTB contains the Ethernet frames themselves 3. These forms are architecturally equivalent, but differ in that many fields are bits wide in the NDP16, but are bits in the NDP The GUID is defined by the appropriate external specification.

Microsoft has DDKs for driver writers, if the cost of your time is cheaper than buying a packaged solution review that. Also would consider rndis support on the device side, but am not holding my breath.

USB network drivers for Windows 10, , 8 and 7

Ccd is intended for use in communicating with devices, using Ethernet frames as the next layer of transport. If you would like to be kept informed of product updates, please subscribe to the Thesycon newsletter.

The costs I am getting for the third party driver are reasonable and indeed are less than the cost of my time for developing a driver.


It has the following overall structure: However since there is no Windows version of the driver available we are looking mcm a way to support the device. If the value passed in the data phase is not valid, the function shall return an error response a STALL PID and shall not change the value it uses as current maximum datagram size.


To get the full response, the host should set wLength to at least 2. Windows 10 IoT Coming soon. NCM functions distinguish between these two cases based on whether the host has used SetEthernetPowerManagementPatternFilter to set up an active power management filter.

Regardless of the format crc encapsulated commands and responses, all NCM functions shall implement the default pipes cddc and notifications as specified by Table and Table Windows 10 version of the driver is signed with Microsoft Attestation signing.

A function cannot distinguish between cases 1 and 2 at the bus level. If GetEthernetPowerManagementPatternFilter would return h at the time that the device or function enters suspend, then the function shall follow the rules for system suspend given in 7.