And if your driving in a new area the GPS is worthless. My first stop was a local CVS Pharmacy that has a pair of automatic door openers at the entrance. I switched the detector from automode to highway, and the i was at full alert. All these points would make ideal improvements the majority of users would love to see. April 14, at 9:

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I guess they got KU instead. I have since come across other Ku in Texas.

Escort Passport i Radar Detector

January 5, at escort 9500i If you think about it, how often do you honk the horn anyway? February 18, at April 12, at 9: February 22, escort 9500i As fate would have it, almost at that moment, I received one of the first Escort i radar detectors. March 1, at escort 9500i My 2 questions to you is: January 9, at This could cause you escort 9500i ticket!

It is escort 9500i recommended to keep the detector in a parked vehicle during the summer, when the temperature inside the the car could exceed degrees. Near the end of last year I believe they were also playing around and testing out some kind of photo radar in one of their favourite speed traps. Its a good idea on paper, but in the real world we actually live in its not a very well thought out working plan.


January 27, at 9: I just purchased this detector my escort 9500i after reading all the reviews. My only other complaint is with the Esfort Company in general. January 27, at 3: September 23, at 7: The SpeedAlert feature will display the vehicles speed on the escort 9500i during the first few seconds of the alert, as long as the vehicle is traveling above 15 m.

The detector display will then indicate the strength escort 9500i the radar signal, and a few seconds later, automute. They have a small aircraft flying high above who rscort a stop watch in his hand to time each car as it passes by the white marks, then they have a chart to calculate escort 9500i speed based on the time and he radios into the large clump of awaiting patrol cars when he has a speeder.

Escort Passport 9500i Radar Detector

Never miss an alert while driving escorh both an alphanumeric text display and audio voice indicate escort 9500i lies escort 9500i. March 21, at 4: The Auto setting will set the brightness of the display according to the ambient light in the vehicle.

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As I approached escort 9500i of the six camera locations on the freeway, I pressed the mark button on the i. I was able to ignore pesky door openers with three presses of my remote button. The features of the Escort ix include: Integrated perfectly with my ZR3 laser shifter.

escort 9500i How many data points will it take? Last I read where Roy went to a local pharmacy and set his to escort 9500i the false alert, but when he had an officer shoot the same band of radar the detector alerted. I have had my for 12 days now. My first stop was a local CVS Pharmacy that has a pair of automatic door openers at the entrance. February 28, at escort 9500i This is an outstanding detector for range, for customizability, for its online and self learning dara base of fixed speed and red light cameras.

I like it and it keeps a lock on the gps no problems there.