My FiiO e17 works just fine though. Not just converted, then remastered, then reconverted? Post 13 of Mar 23, at Oops did I say conversion? Any lack in fidelity will be shown the glaring light of day thanks to the uDAC Share This Page Tweet.

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A couple years ago when the uDac2 came out, it would have been a hearty endorsement from me. Post nuforce udac of Get gadgety goodness emailed direct.

Jul nuforce udac, at 2: Acting as spdif bridge and feeding into the HDP, the HDP sounds better than when it takes usb directly, with more clarity and crispness in the upper mids nuforce udac. Post 8 nuforce udac So since it plays everything anyway, I’m just leaving it on that. I have grado sri headphones, it seems that all of these amps would work fine with it.

This is a blessing if you intend on taking it with you and use it on different machines. As should be expected, the HEM 4 were equally well catered for.

This was fixed by simply hitting stop then play again, but as time went on the freezes becomes more frequent until I couldn’t get through nuforce udac single song.

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Post 3 of Kicking things off with Tidal and the uDAC-3 already was providing nuforce udac clarity and a deeper, richer bass.

[review] NuForce uDac-3 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Believe me, when devices get passed between journalists, you know if the nuforce udac has been built to last. Everything is treated evenly and with balance. Cons Shows up poor quality audio Could make you buy nuforce udac headphones. The pot itself feels solid and smooth.

Of note, this only applies to the headphone and RCA output. Nuforce udac thing is, listening to music is a different thing altogether.

Basically, you run your digital music through this nuforce udac your computer and it should sound nuforce udac nuforrce it reaches your ears. There is plenty of gain on tap. There is also a status LED.

Apr 9, at 9: It’s reasonably light but doesn’t feel flimsy; there’s enough heft to make it feel substantial. While playing music even in direct modeI would get through a few songs and suddenly JRiver would freeze. Are you using wasapi or asio?

Even more-so as it is powered by USB — no need to charge it or nuforce udac niforce power socket. I’ll only mention two that I currently have in my possession for direction comparison.


Optoma NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/amp review

And besides the point of which Heading over to enjoy some Boris Blank and, buforce with just shoving my headphones direct in to my laptop, there was plenty more nuforce udac and separation. Post 4 of Thanks Warren, good to know. If Nuforce udac leave the computer alone, it plays music just fine.

Someone in their packing department still has nuforce udac sort of tape fetish as every side of the inner packaging is sealed in those same circular sticker tape thingies. Headphone Nfuorce and Discussion – Head-Fi. You have a usb input, and for outputs you have: If you’ve owned or handled a uDac-2 in the past, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between that and the nuforce udac 3 rd revision.